Sunday, July 18

Who's in YOUR freezer?

I've blogged already about the Sicilian curse/supestition/hex whatever it's called, of "freezing" someone bringing negativity into your life and how, in spite of my Catholic upbringing and 12 years of parochial schooling, I believe in it. And although I am only 1/4 Sicilian, it still allows me to carry out this little ritual to keep your life free of energy vampires.

A recap. If someone in your life is causing you grief or anguish, or is so jealous of you that he or she has gone to lengths to turn others against you, or antagonizes you, vilifies you or picks fights with you and you are certain that you want nothing to do with him or her ever again, you do the following:
  • Get a photo of the person,
  • Place it face down in the freezer.
  • Forget about it.

The belief is that you will freeze the person out of your life. My belief is that the people's love lives will be cold and unfulfilling, or they will feel a chilly breeze all the time, or their skin gets really dry. But that's just my wishful thinking. :-)

I have a few people in my freezer who have caused me great anguish; I don't just stick people in there willy nilly. And while most of them are still peripherally in my life out of necessity, we no longer butt heads. The others have delighted me by disappearing from my life all together. They're probably too busy shivering to bother me.

I've also heard that only a person of Sicilian heritage can perform this "curse," if you will.

So, if you've crossed a Sigi lately and you're sitting at home on a Saturday night in your pj's because your dating pipe line has frozen up, or you find your teeth chattering for no reason, or you find yourself craving warm, oven-made foods to make you feel good...maybe you're under a pork loin in someone's freezer.

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