Monday, May 3

Bocce time!

Growing up in suburban Philadelphia, I spent a lot of tine at my grandfather's house. We moved from Philly to a house two doors down from his and that's where the family parties always were held. As one of 12 kids, he always invited all his siblings for a yearly barbecue.

At those barbecues there were three givens. Only grilled food would be edible, as his second wife could not cook (nor was she Italian but the two are not mutually exclusive), his lawn would be meticulously manicured, that thick type of grass you could step on and lose your foot in, and there were games. Notably, horseshoes and bocce. No Italian-American outdoor gathering would be complete without a game of bocce. Just ask my dad, who broke his foot when a bocce ball fell on it! Those things are heavy!

When I got my own house with a lawn, I bought a bocce set. Last night in the 80 degree weather my set made it's 2010 debut. My daughters love it and are very competitive. It's a lot of fun and I'm happy they are taking part in the tradition. As long as they don't drop it on my foot!

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Anonymous said...

your blog is awesome dear! ha, i got here looking for the maloik and stayed because the pictures and...well other articles.

Sigi Me said...

Thanks so much!